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May 8, 2012, 10:17 pm

I should be a fan of graphic novels. As a kid, I spent some of my happiest hours at my Aunt’s lake cottage on rainy days with my cousins and a crate of old comic books.

Children’s picture books are also sheer delight for me with their splendid commingling of sparse text and explanatory art….not unlike a scaled down graphic novel.

Inexplicably, the newest literary genre, the graphic novel, does not appeal to me. But last week I had a breakthrough.

I was working in a third grade classroom with an amazingly creative teacher. She was eager to share the results of the “writers’ workshops” that she does with her students. Their mini graphic novels have made me a convert to the form.

Here is my favorite selection. I dare you to read “The Zombie Tacos” and not laugh. Thank goodness some teachers still know that there is more to education than just teaching to the test.

A movie of this mini graphic novel follows. Below the movie is a link for a page by page view.

[flv:/slideshows/zombies/TZT.flv /slideshows/zombies/TZT.jpg 640 480]

The Zombie Tacos


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