The Suitcase Lady


July 5, 2016, 9:16 pm

I try not to be a Luddite. That would be too easy. I must be somewhat in the present moment, or you would not be reading this blog.

Despite the fact that I do email, Facebook, Messenger and, when forced, cell phones, I continue to be an ardent fan of snail mail. I find no good reason to abandon sending greetings that arrive in a mailbox only because newer methods of communication are speedier. The tangible, archival qualities of paper letters and cards can deliver joy, and joy is in short supply in the modern world.

Since I indulge in snail mail, I’m a supporter of my local post office, buying stamps almost every week. The best stamps are miniature pieces of art and a delight in their own right. When buying stamps, I always peruse all the offerings.

I recently read about some ingenious new stamps in an email design magazine called Dezeen Daily. The British Royal Mail had the brilliant idea to commission a set of six animal-shaped stamps to appeal to children. Osborne Ross was the graphic artist selected. Each of the six animals he created appear to cling to or hang from the side of the envelope.

The designer said,”We tried variants using people but animals gave more scope in terms of hanging and clinging onto things; they were also inherently cuter.”

I agree and only wish I could be sending off letters with these whimsical creatures. And think of how much easier it would be for children to write that thank you letter to grandma if they could use an Animail stamp.


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