The Suitcase Lady


April 10, 2012, 12:07 pm

Some things should not be improved. The grilled cheese sandwich is one of those things. Good cheese, good bread, real butter and heat are the only elements required for the perfect G.C.

Unfortunately, the grilled cheese sandwich, my ultimate comfort food, appears to be the hottest new food fad. A New York Times article has confirmed my fears: “Artisanal grilled cheese shops, a culinary sub genre, (have) boomed in the last year.”

That line was included in a restaurant review of the food trucks and new restaurants in New York (Milk Truck, Melt Shop, etc.) that are devoted to the once humble G.C. The sandwiches are described with phrases such as “grassy undertones”, “inner magma” and  “minimalist composition”.

When I read this nonsense, I want to laugh, scream, cry or get out a frying pan and make a real grilled cheese sandwich.

Any food that the food groupies target for their fleeting admiration is destined to be degraded. Two other bad things automatically result as well: the prices of the item soar and the calories of the item soar.

Please stop over for lunch sometime. I will make you a grilled cheese, and it won’t be artisanal, but I think we will be just fine.

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