The Suitcase Lady


June 19, 2007, 11:55 pm

As usual, Shakespeare has it exquisitely right; Midsummer Night’s Eve is a magical time. Those of us who live in the northern latitudes also know Midsummer as a glorious, cosmic reality not a dream.

The apex of our star, the sun, will occur this Thursday, June 21. It’s time to take our cue from the Scandinavians, experts in Midsummer revelry, and celebrate!

My most memorable Midsummer’s night was spent in Sweden at a wedding. The bride was radiant, the wedding was in a real castle (complete with moat), the sky was luminous at 11:30PM and everyone involved was still speaking at 1:30AM.

Wherever you are in the Northern Hemisphere, the time has come to buy some bottles of Riesling or bubbly stuff and a case of strawberries. Drag the kitchen table and chairs outside. Invite the neighbors over to watch the sun go down at its highest northern point. (In our case the telephone pole to the right of our neighbor’s barn). Any children present can be put to work weaving flower crowns. Toast the longest day.

Of course it’s all downhill from here. We’ll be losing one minute of daylight each day from now until the winter solstice. But for now, consider your glass half full, or, better yet, fill your glass to the brim. Just don’t fill it so many times you feel like a donkey head the first full day of summer.

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