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June 26, 2007, 10:35 pm

I don’t make a habit of driving my husband crazy. But, occasionally, I cannot resist playing my moon game.

“Hey honey,” I say as we are as we are looking at the moon together, “what’s the moon doing tonight?”

Silence follows. He’s too smart to fall into this trap again. He has no idea what the moon is doing. “That’s OK,” I gently say, “it’s a girl thing… la Luna, monthly, menses. By the way, the moon is waxing (or waning) tonight.”

My husband is a science guy. He is far brainier than I am about astronomy, chemistry and physics. But, I know my moon.

It’s easy ladies:

  1. Look up at the moon.
  2. If the left side is lighted up it’s losing or waning.
  3. If the right side is lighted up it’s waxing or increasing.

Few men believe these rules work, but the system is foolproof! So go ahead, drive your guy crazy. After all, it is our moon.

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  • Anonymous

    As you know, I seriously love your blogs. The moon brought fond childhood memories….but it helps if you understand German (script, not printing).

    The waning moon is called “Abmond,” literally, declining. The A has a rounded left side and a shrinking-inward right side, curved, so it makes perfect sense. The growing moon is “Zumond,” also literally….round on the right side and growing from the tiny crescent on the left until it regains full girth. That’s a really easy way for German children to memorize their moonliness. Does your Czech background help? I’ll send you a drawing.