The Suitcase Lady


December 9, 2014, 7:49 pm

Glitter and glitz are sprinkling down unchecked in America at the moment. And all that glitters is decidedly not gold…’s Chinese made glitter, sequins and faux jewels.

In every grade school classroom I visit, the majority of little girls are decked out in glittery, bejeweled teeshirts. Many of these shirts proclaim the wearer to be a princess. The poorer the school district, the more glittery the girls. I wish the sparkle could be in these children’s eyes as opposed to their chests.

Plants are not immune to the glitter craze, either. A huge display of Christmas poinsettias dyed purple and blue and profusely sprayed in glitter greets me every time I’m in the produce department of my grocery store. I’m guessing that Mother Nature is not pleased with these “improvements” on her creations.

Jewelry that seeks to replicate the size and carat count of the royal jewels routinely fills the jewelry cases in stores like Target now. While picking up a prescription and some toothpaste, I can also equip myself for a coronation or Cinderella’s ball.

I did not expect to find bling, however, at a Chicago highway oasis. But as I walked in to buy a cup of coffee, I was greeted with a shop overflowing with oversized  jewelry covered in gaudy fake jewels. Apparently among a traveler’s need for caffeine, fast food, pretzels, cinnamon buns and bathrooms, we have added a jewelry fix. Can jewelry drive thru windows be far behind?

I fear that Americans are secretly yearning to have a jewel encrusted monarchy and are regretting a decision made in 1776 to try an experiment in democracy. Or perhaps we all just want to be kings and queens.


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