The Suitcase Lady


December 16, 2014, 9:03 am

“I’m letting you know right now that I won’t share this.” These are my words to my husband every time a box or bowl of popcorn is in my vicinity.

We almost always share dinner entrees in restaurants and many lunches as well. In fact, we share most everything in life without rancor or arguments.

But popcorn is my nemesis, my Achille’s heel, and my favorite snack. And I know I cannot be gracious and rational if buttered popcorn is in range. My husband has to get his own or fight for every kernel of mine.

Since childhood, I have been smitten with popcorn, always choosing it over cake or a sundae. Countless allowances were spent at our downtown five and dime, an establishment known for its freshly popped, greasy popcorn.

How anyone could choose Raisenettes or Milk Duds at the movies is unfathomable to me. But I fully understand how the nightmare of supersizing in America began with a marketing ploy at the movies. Marketers figured out that people felt guilty about buying two boxes of popcorn but would fork over lots of cash to buy one box……one enormous box that was bigger than two normal size ones put together.

I am also a popcorn purist. The first time I tried kettle corn I was aghast. Popcorn should not be sprayed with sugar. Popcorn, butter and salt are the only necessary ingredients.image

One time my aunt in Albuquerque sent me to a popcorn store with instructions to buy big tins of popcorn as Christmas gifts for her caregivers. The shop looked like a rainbow had exploded on the premises. Bins of neon colored popcorn lined the walls of the tiny store. More flavors were offered than at a Baskin Robbins. Needless to say, I did not buy blueberry, cinnamon, green apple, licorice or any other of the adulterated versions of popcorn. I bought her employees the real thing. Some things in life can’t be compromised.


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