The Suitcase Lady


July 14, 2015, 10:08 pm

My husband and I drove from Denver to Taos last Friday. After flying to Denver, we unfortunately got the rental car agent from hell, resulting in a late start for a long drive.

We arrived in Taos, the counter culture Mecca of America at 10:00 P.M. We were both hungry and looking forward to dinner. To our amazement, the hotel reception lady told us only two restaurants in town were still serving food. The first one we tried was already closed. When we walked into the second one, The Taos Ale House, the bartender was announcing the last call. We quickly decided to order wine, thus getting more alcohol in the one drink we were each lucky to be served. The available dinner turned out to be French fries.

While we were eating, a middle aged hippie couple with their quiet dog beside them came in and ordered two beers at the bar. They got their beer but were informed that “The dog’s got to go.”

As the trio passed our table on their way to a bench by the curb, I said, “Wish your dog could have stayed.”

The man gave me a smile and said, “People are the only kinks in the universe, the plants and the animals are all good.”

That Taosano made our day. His remark was completely nonsensical but true. In the vastness of the universe, humans are beyond insignificant. But in our human universe, our lovely, blue planet, his remark hit the target.


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