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October 1, 2007, 10:37 pm

People can be divided into two basic types – those who bend down to pick up a penny and those that do not bend down to pick up a penny. I belong to the former group. Never marry the latter.

I cannot conceive of turning down a gift, no matter how small. Not bending down is certainly an affront to the gods of good luck who have graciously put that penny in my path. And I know just what to do with good luck money.

When my Aunt Vi died, I executed her estate. In a dresser drawer I found a box labeled “found money”. I had to ponder its meaning a moment, but then the light went on in my brain.

Aunt Vi was a great walker. After retirement, she hiked five to ten miles a day. She lived to be 89. My Aunt had lots of years to pick up all those stray pennies, dimes, quarters and even dollar bills that fate placed in her paths. To her, unearned money was special and not to be tossed casually into her tattered, black coin purse.

I immediately started my own found money box. The coins pile up year after year, each one never failing to deliver a moment of joy when spotted and claimed. But, unlike Aunt Vi, I periodically count up and spend the stash… always on something special or frivolous. After all, it is a gift, not grocery money.

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  • Anonymous

    I am a bend down to pick up a penny person through and through. Not only do I pick them up I spit on them! My grandmother always said that is how you will find more. Before I met John I only picked up Heads Up pennies and steered clear of Tails. John has now convinced me that the Tails are worthy of celebration, too. We think of them as Tooley Tails and the heads side is Hubbard.

    A friend e-mailed me the following poem..
    I found a penny today
    Just laying on the ground
    But it’s not just a penny
    This little coin I’ve found.

    Found pennies come from Heaven
    That’s what my Grandpa told me
    He said, “Angels toss them down.”
    Oh, how I loved that story.

    He said, “When an angel misses you
    They toss a penny down,
    Sometimes just to cheer you up
    To make a smile out of your frown.”

    So don’t pass by that penny
    When you’re feeling blue
    It may be a penny from Heaven
    That an angel tossed to you.


    **I love the song “Pennies from Heaven” written by Bing Crosby!