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September 25, 2007, 11:52 pm

We had a rash of murders at our house lately, and I definitely wanted them to stop.

For the past several weeks we would go downstairs to the cats’ room in the morning and find one of the following:

  • A mouse tail without a body
  • A mouse head without a body
  • No mouse body, but a little trail of mouse blood

When asked about this disgusting situation, the Tooley Cats just smugly licked their whiskers.

My husband and I suspected that our local field mice either have the IQs of zucchinis or masochistic tendencies.

Action was clearly needed. We applied people logic and concluded that the mice must be coming in from the garage which is attached to the house. A long afternoon was spent in the garage sealing tiny cracks and looking for evidence of mice habitation. Oddly, there were no signs of mice. The mouse massacres continued unabated.

It was time to start thinking like felines. And that’s how we solved the case of the murdered mice. The mice weren’t running into the house. They were being carried into the house.

The Tooley Cats have a wonderful outdoor “porch”, a huge dog crate accessed via a cat door set into a basement window. Apparently, while we were sleeping, the cats were spending their nights trolling for hapless mice who wandered too close or into the dog crate. Naturally, any self-respecting cat would bring their treasures inside.

The cat door is closed every night now. Mornings are much pleasanter.

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