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June 5, 2012, 11:20 pm

I am not a believer in self-help books. Although the bookstore shelves are brimming with them, I believe their true purpose is to make canny authors rich.

The main focus of all these tomes is identical….read the book and you will know yourself, find yourself and then fall madly in love with yourself. Narcissists rejoice!

I am, however, in favor of  self awareness, and I would recommend a delightfully whimsical children’s book from 1975 as the ultimate guide to personal understanding.

Written by Remy Charlip and Lilian Moore, Hooray For Me! is 32 pages of creative self exploration. It starts with the obvious:

  • I am my mother’s and father’s daughter.
  • I am my cousin’s cousin.
  • I am my aunt’s niece.

Then, as the pages unfold, less thought about identities are revealed:

  • I’m my dream’s dreamer.
  • I’m my shadow’s body.
  • I’m my family’s dishwasher.

I am my cat's lap

For a lovely exercise in creative writing, put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and discover your multiple identities. I bet you will be exhilarated by your many roles and a bit overwhelmed at all you do.

Note to lovers of children’s books…Caldecott winner Vera B. Williams made her illustrating debut in Hooray For Me! In addition, Brian Selznick, a fan of Remy Charlip, dedicated The Invention of Hugo Cabret to him. Mr. Selznick also asked Remy to pose as Georges Melies in his book and he agreed.

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  • Anne Johnston Smith on Facebook

    <3 <3 the "I am my cat's lap" photo!!

  • evie

    Mary–Thanks for the delightful tip. I don’t know if I remember this book . . . I mean if I don’t know if I remember, then I don’t remember . . . but I DO love Remy Charlip & thought he was also an illustrator. But I also love Vera Williams!!! Thanks for the delightful entry; now I’ll give that a try on this not-too-happy day . . . evie