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December 14, 2020, 11:23 pm

A wonderful Christmas festival like no other is held in Evian, France. Located on the southern shore of Lac Leman (Lake Geneva),  Evian is famous as a spa and a producer of bottled water which is shipped worldwide. But for the holidays, Le Fabuleux Village (The Fabulous Village) is the star. Evian builds a fantasy town within the town as a magical holiday happening.

The celebration is centered around a whimsical legend. Father Christmas was said to be flying over Lake Leman when two of his reindeer started a squabble resulting in a watery crash. Goblins known as Flottines rescued them from drowning, and, ever since, Father Christmas comes back for a Yule visit.

Highlighting the celebration are fifty massive sculptures scattered all around Evian. Built completely out of driftwood collected from Lake Leman, these clever assemblages are of amazing animals, mythical beasts, elves, gnomes and more.

The center of town becomes Le Fabulous Village. When night descends, actors stroll the streets with lighted torches and perform street theater. A magical alternative world suspends reality for a brief while.

I personally love searching for interesting driftwood pieces on the shores of Lake Michigan and creating animals of modest size. With Le Fabuleux Village as inspiration, perhaps I should start thinking on a bigger scale.

The driftwood cat sculpture on our deck. There will be no flaming torches.


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  • Audrey

    Mary, thanks for sharing about this Fabulous Village. I had never heard of it. I suppose it is a community effort. Wow…and I love your creative driftwood piece, too. You always inspire me!

  • Alyce Weiss

    Have always liked hearing old Christmas legends
    from small towns and villages. Have never heard this one. Love the sculptures.