The Suitcase Lady


March 16, 2021, 2:08 pm

Epitome is a lovely word, and I saw an epitome in action the other day. I walked into our upstairs bathroom (14 inches at its narrowest point) and almost stepped on Guy, our sweet, gray cat. He was sprawled on his side with his paws gently resting on the baseboard of the vanity. Between his paws was the baseboard heating duct which was delivering a steady stream of toasty warm air. Guy had discovered the epitome of cat comfort, his own source of tummy-warming decadence.

We can thank the Greeks for the word epitome, although its meaning has changed down through the centuries. The original word, “epitemnein”, means to cut short or abridge. British dictionaries define the current meaning of the word as “the typical or highest example of a stated quality” while American dictionaries say “the best possible example of something”. An epitome is what happens when the mundane is cut out.

It’s enjoyable to fantasize about the epitomes that could be enjoyed if a windfall came into one’s life. Here are a few of mine.

  • The epitome of luxury… staying in five star hotels where everything gleams and the beds would please even that princess that had the pea problem.
  • The epitome of house features… a garage with a ceramic tile floor and a built-in car wash.
  • The epitome of fashion… the designer clothes from the 1950s.

Enjoy your epitomes, whatever they may be.

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