The Suitcase Lady


March 24, 2021, 12:27 am

When I checked my calendar to see which date Easter fell on this year, I did a double take. “Not fair,” was my first thought. Easter is on April 4th which is also the date of our wedding anniversary (number 57). I felt like the kid whose birthday is on December 25th.

I immediately found my husband to give him the news. “Perhaps we will have to get up very early on April 4th so we can have breakfast and fit in two dinners,” I said. “Otherwise, we will be cheated out of one of our celebratory meals.” We both laughed, as we are not early risers or fans of overindulgence. We vividly remember those Christmas holidays when we were newly married and had to eat two holiday meals in a day, one at his parents and one at mine.

We immediately started considering our options. Since Easter is not a fixed date but one of those moon-oriented holidays, maybe we could just choose another Sunday for the Easter dinner. There’s nothing sacred about April 4th and Easter.

Another thought was to celebrate our anniversary on Saturday night, April 3rd, which would be our anniversary eve. This idea seemed like the best solution as we are both romantics and romantics know that Saturday night is date night.

With the dilemma resolved, we turned our thoughts to the important matter of what would be on the menus. Good food and the time to enjoy it are two of the critical components of any holiday.

Pasta Primavera, Spaghetti Florentine, Cheese Fondue and Julia Child’s Spinach Turnover are the top contenders for the entrees. Dessert for Easter is a given: every year we  make cut out bunny cookies from Scotch shortbread dough.  The anniversary dessert is still under discussion, but the wine is a certainty. Proseco is always our pick when we need celebratory bubbles.

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