The Suitcase Lady


February 22, 2011, 9:44 pm

This week marks the fifth anniversary of my weekly blog. To celebrate, I want to expound on the letter “X”.

“Why ‘X’?” you might ask.

A glance down my blog archives gives the answer. I’ve never written a piece with its one word title beginning with “X”. I have no excuse for this exclusion but will exorcise it expeditiously.

I’m a fan of abcdarians, children’s alphabet books, and I always check to see what the author does for the “X” word. After x-ray and xylophone the pickings are mighty slim or extremely erudite. Let’s face it, “X” likes to hang out in the shadow of its buddy “E”.

A similar problem presents itself when cities employ logic and name parallel streets with names in alphabetical order. I would love to live on Xerxes Avenue in Minneapolis or Xenophon Street in San Diego. If you know of any streets with “X” names, please share. Visiting all the “X” streets might be a fine project for me….I like to drive.

I’ve saved the best “X” for last. It’s the “X” that is put on the end of notes, cards and letters…xxx. What could be better than love and kisses?

When we moved into our current house, I knew it would be a wonderful home.We are located between County Highway X and County Highway XX. There’s always a kiss waiting just outside our door.

Those of you with sharp eyes might have noticed that “Q” is AWOL as well. “Q” will be making its debut next week.

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