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October 4, 2011, 10:07 pm

I am not afraid of bread. I love bread and eat it for breakfast (toast), lunch (sandwich) and dinner (rolls or french bread).

The phenomenon known as wraps was a total mystery to me. Finally, I asked a friend,”Why are you eating that?”

“I don’t want the calories in bread”, she replied.

So it is bread phobia that makes people consume those soggy, cold, tasteless, unmanageable bread substitutes, a.k.a. wraps.

In our Western culture, bread is deeply infused with historic and cultural significance. I am stunned that it is so easily shunned to save dubious calories. I would definitely prefer to break bread with friends rather than to break wraps. Jesus did not hand out wraps and fishes nor did he symbolically use wraps at The Last Supper. Wraps are not referred to as the staff of life.

Realtors advise home sellers to bake bread immediately before their home is shown. A cold wrap displayed on the kitchen counter will not lure potential customers. And ponder this: the most perfect meal may be homemade soup, fruit, cheese and crusty, warm bread.

Who’s afraid of the big, bad bread? Definitely not me. Bread lovers of the world, rise up! Bread is getting a bad wrap.

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  • Bastet

    Add a little tuna… perfect!

  • Sutapa Mukherjee

    perhaps I am confused…the wraps I am familiar with are made from flat bread (naan, pita, roti, tortilla, etc.) I don’t know about calories but the wraps taste very yummy :-)

  • Mary Miller

    I look at a wrap as a type of bread. To me it just adds variety to my meals. Actually some wraps are higher in calories than a slice of bread!
    Well, that “wraps it up” for me.

    Mary Miller

  • Mary Tooley on Facebook

    Sutapa! naan and pita are great….but midwestern wraps are made out of cardboard!

  • liz levins

    i like cheese and hot peppers and/or salsa melted in a warm tortilla wrap. yum.

  • Mary Tooley on Facebook

    Liz..that sounds wonderful. 99% of the wraps I encounter are stone cold. Isn’t it something else if it is warm and cozy?

  • Flora

    I don’t know where the fashion began, but I know the Armenians and the Arabs wrap in the famous Pita bread and the Mexicans in tortillas, real corn hand made. Yes, the commercial stuff is awful and besides everything falls while you are eating. Have some baguettes. YUMMMM!!!! Flora

  • Maureen

    I was laughing out loud as I read this! Makes me want to go home and eat a whole loaf of ciabatta bread!

  • Audrey

    I love bread, too…especially homemade! I love the smell, the texture and the taste! My mom used to make 14 loaves of bread every Saturday…and buns and cinnamon rolls, too. We all loved it…and I’d be afraid to bake that good stuff ’cause I’d want to eat and eat and eat :):):)

  • Mara

    Oh bread is one of the loves of my life… I like some wraps (warm wheat pita type)… too bad I can’t have them right now.. but I will, oh yes I will…!! :-)