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October 30, 2007, 10:05 pm

Most everyone knows that witches are make believe. Those that don’t have created much havoc down through the ages right up to the present day. Poor Harry Potter gets censored, and Halloween parades get cancelled.

Thanks to L. Frank Baum, we know that witches come in two varieties, the wicked ones and the good ones. My favorite wicked witch is from Russian folklore. Her name is Baba Yaga, she has iron teeth and flies in a mortar and pestle. But the best part is her house; it stands on giant chicken feet and can spin around. (click here if you are feeling brave)

If witches were real, there is still nothing to fear. The defense is found in almost every adobe house in our own American Southwest. You simply paint the doors bright blue. Blue doors keep the brujas away.

I’ve spent considerable time being a children’s storyteller, and Halloween stories are among my favorites. But I always preface these storytimes by telling the kids my viewpoint — “I hate really scary stuff. So we will only do fun scary stories.”

One day when reading a silly witch story to a group of youngsters, I discovered a latent talent. I can make the best witch voice in the world. Sadly, I am not bragging – it’s true.

When I switched to my witch voice in the story, one of my storytime kids burst into hysterical sobs and shrieks. The nice storytime lady had turned into a witch! When you’ve got a gift, you must use it with great care.

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