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October 27, 2020, 9:31 pm

Here’s an alert for all the chocolate lovers who are reading this. A new Mecca for chocolate has recently opened, and a flight to Zurich, Switzerland might be in order.

The makers of Lindt candy have created the Lindt Home of Chocolate. The museum is located beside Lake Zurich and is adjacent to the venerable, old factories that have produced treats since 1845.

I became aware of this happy development via an architectural site. The new museum is a stunning and sophisticated design by the Swiss architectural studio, Christ and Gantenbein. The bulk of the building is red brick to echo the historic factory. However, the curved entrance is white glazed brick and creates a welcoming public space.

The interior is both playful and elegant. In the architects’ words, “The chocolate is implicitly celebrated with round shapes, a soft touch, and maybe even a general sweetness.”

The focal point of the atrium is the world’s largest chocolate fountain. It’s nine meters tall and topped with a giant whisk.

The museum features many delectable experiences. There’s an interactive tour about “how cocoa conquered Europe” and the Swiss “chocolate pioneers”. Classes are offered in a Chocoloteria on making a wide array of sweets; truffles, pralines, florentines, chocolate lollipops and chocolate bars. Naturally, Lindt sells its wares in a store that it describes as “the biggest chocolate shop in the world.” And, finally, there is a chocolate cafe where both chocolate desserts and cocoas are served along with some less guilt-free savory bistro selections.

Most of us won’t be going to Switzerland in the near future, but we do have lots of candy occasions coming up. Grown-ups don’t need to go trick or treating, we can buy our own treats… a sack of assorted Lindt truffles. Happy Halloween!





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  • Ann Piehl

    Thank you, Mary. On a day when my world looks pretty grim you have provided a bright and cheerful spot. Switzerland and a chocolate museum sound wonderful!
    Best to you.

  • Audrey Olmstead

    Mary, I loved this little trip to Zurich! Maybe you could choose a word from places you have travelled and take us all on a few trips!