The Suitcase Lady


March 12, 2013, 9:51 pm

“I just don’t have the right tools,” my husband remarked as he was updating the graphics on my website. It was not the first time I have heard him express similar frustration regarding the lack of proper equipment. I am beginning to suspect his words may be the universal primal cry of the male species.

As always, I sympathized, but in this case didn’t know what to say next. When he is fixing the kitchen faucet and lacks a tool, I just suggest a trip to Fleet Farm for a new wrench. Do computer tools come from that mysterious cloud?

I am fully aware that poor tools make jobs less efficient and, in some cases, more dangerous.”Those blunt little scissors won’t help your kindergarteners learn how to cut,” I advise teachers and parents. “You can’t paint with a brush that is having a bad hair day”, is also one of my admonishments.

But I have a conundrum. Despite a love of cooking, I have woeful kitchen tools. A “Swing-a Way” can opener (purchase recommended by my mother-in-law who swore by them), a 49 year old hand mixer (a wedding present), a 30 year old blender (a Christmas gift from my Aunt Jane), an antique apple corer (a favorite of my dads), a tarnished silver pie server (an inheritance from my Aunt Vi who never baked a pie in her life)…..that’s a representative sampling of my culinary implements.

My counters are not lined with state of the art kitchen tools. My drawers and cupboards are, however, filled with direct links to my family’s cooking history. Sometimes there’s more to tools than the cutting edge.


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