The Suitcase Lady


September 29, 2015, 10:16 pm

Fall is tardy this year. Autumn officially arrived on September 23, but the foliage has yet to explode into technicolor. A relative of mine who is here on a short visit from California was recently bemoaning our continued greenness.

I’m personally giving fall a tardy pass. Take all the time you want. A week of days that hit the 70 degree mark is fine with me. And nights that hover far above freezing keep the flowers blooming profusely.

Though the trees are showing only a few tinges of color, other signs of fall are at their peak. The roadsides are resplendent in purple and gold. More and more asters are coming into bloom each day with their rich palette of violet, magenta and purples. Interspersed with the asters are brilliant goldenrods which can light up even the cloudiest days.


The mild days are also ideal for viewing the monarch migration. Although their numbers have precipitately declined in recent years, the monarchs still cluster on our asters and false sunflowers lapping up nectar to fortify themselves for the long journey to Mexico.

Fall spider activity is peaking now as well. We wake up each morning to windows, doors and porch railings draped with orb webs. The fall window washing has been postponed until our busy weavers have stopped their frantic spinning.

No need to hurry things up, fall. About two more months of this slow show would be a joy.






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