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January 10, 2012, 10:13 pm

I may have to skip 2012. Pantone, the color gurus in America, once again have chosen the color of the year, and it is orange. Pantone has scores of oranges in its color pantheon; the honored hue this year is Tangerine Tango.

I find both the color orange and tangerines to be problematic. I’ve tried many times to become fond of that fruit, but, to me, they taste like oranges that have gone bad.

Being an art teacher, I don’t discriminate against any color. I do, however, think orange is at its best on pumpkins, sunsets, sunrises, fall trees and Baltimore orioles. It does not work on orange satin bridesmaid gowns, the color chosen by the bride the only time I have ever been a bridal attendant. I went directly from the reception to the Goodwill donation box.

When I bought my last car, I asked the saleslady to search for a leftover from the previous year’s models. “I hope you don’t find an orange one,” I kidded her.

I’ve been driving my orange car for three years now. In its defense, spotting my little hatchback in any parking lot is a snap.

Pantone offers this rationale for its choice of Tangerine Tango. Their spokeswoman says,”For us, the color of the year is not the hot fashion color, but an expression of a mood, an attitude, on the part of consumers…In 2011 we chose Honeysuckle Pink because there is a feeling of activity and movement about that color. Although orange is not pink, we felt the necessity to stay with that feeling that encourages us to face everyday troubles with some vigor. We know there is a big elephant in the room. We can’t ignore it.”

Are things really this bad? In my opinion, the elephant in the room just might be the walls that were painted orange.

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  • Jen

    I love orange! Cheerful, warm and reminds me of summer. Doesn’t match my hair though… Can only use it as an accessory. Like my car! :-)

  • evie

    Mary–Perhaps orange is pink on steroids???

  • Mary

    Jenny! I should have definitely included your VW as a very good place for orange….I love it. Glad you agree that we redheads shouldn’t wear it.

  • Dawn

    I love orange! The amber sunsets, rich fall leaves, and since I’m more of a coppery, auburn redhead I even wear orange ( not blaze hunting orange) but a pumpkin smoothie,
    with a dash of cinnamon and ginger shade. I find orange to be warm and inviting, like the company of good friends, and when paired with a nice fresh almost lime green it is invigorating. Id like to put a claim in for the year of tangerine tango , as long as I can dabble in a few more colors to suit each day. I look forward to 2012!

  • Mary

    Dawn! I love your idea of lime green and orange together. And I do believe that you are that one in a million redhead who could pull off wearing orange!! The rest of us just look anemic. Someday you might follow my daughter Jenny and get yourself one of those great orange VWs.

  • LoieJ

    Orange isn’t high on my list either, and I especially don’t like blue and orange, like some football uniforms. But it was the fact that those are listed in color charts as going together that got me intrigued with color and started my search for resources to read regarding color. I’ve found out that there are certain shades of orange and blue together that I really like. And I usually like orange in nature. Just not on me, against my skin.

    When we were finishing our house, orange was the in color. I almost picked orange carpeting. The dealer told me to consider that whatever color I picked, because it would set the tone for the house. Great advice. I went with brown carpet instead of orange.