The Suitcase Lady


August 16, 2016, 10:21 pm

This story is a sequel to my blog of May 7, 2013 entitled Duckie. It is a tale of serendipity.

I recently discovered that a fleet of majestic, tall sailing ships was making its way up our shoreline with stops at several ports. Then I learned that the world’s largest rubber duckie would make an appearance with the ships.

My husband and I were in total agreement that this event was too good to miss. We drove the 40 miles to Green Bay and the Fox River to view the floating menagerie…….it did not disappoint.

A week later I was browsing in a Goodwill Store and spotted a little magenta rubber duck. I parted with 99 cents and gave duckie to my husband as a souvenir of the happy afternoon we had spent on the river visiting little duck’s gigantic brother.

The next morning we were about to take showers and I jokingly said, “I hope duckie will be happy at our house even though we don’t have a bathtub for him.” I picked duckie up and set him on the ledge in the shower…..and our duckie immediately answered my question.

Duckie started to flash on and off in brilliant, gorgeous l.e.d. colors of purple, blue, magenta, orange and yellow. We doubled up laughing.

We are not entirely sure what activates duckie’s light show, although we suspect it is water, not motion. At any rate, he will certainly make shower time lots of fun.

Click here to watch our duckie glow!