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May 11, 2021, 9:53 pm

In my way of thinking, movies and music should not begin until the sun goes down. I admit this is an entirely personal quirk and I’m not advocating it for others. I’m just a visually oriented person who doesn’t want to miss anything the sun-filled day delivers. Plus, daytime is filled with enough sounds to keep me entertained.

My impulse to immerse myself in the daytime hours was with me as a child. Most of my schoolmates were sent to our local movie palace, the Paradise Theater, to see a double feature every Sunday afternoon. (As an adult, I understand why these hard-working, blue-collar parents wanted their multiple kids gone for four hours plus.) I was always grateful that my parents didn’t send me to a dark, cavernous cave that shut out all the beauty of the day. I much preferred being outdoors playing.

I do love movies, the magic of falling into imaginary worlds, but the daytime world still has more appeal for me. Perhaps I might feel differently about all this if I were a nocturnal creature like a cat or owl.

Many of my family and friends would be bereft without music as a constant presence in their lives. But for me, the music gets turned on when the world gets dark and introspective, and my music of choice is almost always jazz. Somehow, I just don’t feel jazz belongs in the world of sunshine; its magic works best under the cover of darkness.

From 1975 to 2002, Milwaukee had a fabulous jazz radio show called “The Dark Side”. Ron Cuzner was the host and the show always began with “In My Solitude”. Night doesn’t get better than this.

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  • Peter Little

    Of course, movies & music are ‘passive’ experiences; and we are aided by polite-society’s forbearance to allow us to shut off our phones and laptops in the so-called ‘After-Hours’.
    Also, I believe music & daytime-activities to be quite congenial – a wonderful soundtrack to outdoor activities and indoor tasks. Just sayin’…

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