The Suitcase Lady


August 31, 2010, 11:43 pm

I love clean beginnings and endings. Summer sits neatly between the bookends of Memorial Day and Labor Day. As we head toward the later, a summer summary is in order.

I will remember the summer of 2010 as the year that bad gardeners were good ones. Plentiful rain alternating with sun created rain forest conditions. Everything shot up like a teenage boy. Our cup plant soared to an amazing height of 9 feet, 11 inches. Flowers I don’t even remember planting magically appeared in the front yard. The fields around us were so lush our farmers had to work nonstop to bring crops in. Hay wagons were everywhere.

The animals must have sensed the abundance. We were tripping over a bumper crop of chipmunks in our driveway. Raccoon families proliferated, and red and gray squirrels bristled in all directions off our bird feeders. The bird population ranged from hummingbirds to bald eagles. The insect count per square inch of our yard was astronomical.

Vegetable gardens overflowed making us all locavores. What we didn’t grow, friends and neighbors supplied. I resorted to that big cookbook in cyberspace several times for advice on freezing piles of zucchini and beans. These souvenirs from summer will be welcome when the snow flies.

Our beach glass collection is a barometer of time spent outside. Since I can hardly lift the bowl, I know ample time was spent on the shore.

The goldenrod is already all brassy, and the monarchs and many birds are heading for their second summers. We, however, are not snowbirds. We will stay put and start looking for more tell-tale signs of Fall’s approach. After all the exuberant growth and greenness of summer, it’s time for a rest.

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