The Suitcase Lady


December 31, 2019, 10:45 am

This blog is about spirits, not the alcoholic ones, but they might need to be deployed as well.

The upcoming year is bound to be a wild rollercoaster ride as the dystopia of the Presidential campaign frenzy hurtles to November. Staying sane and keeping spirits up in the midst of this unfortunate spectacle will be a true challenge.

Here are my coping strategies. I look forward to hearing about any that you can supply as well. We all have to help each other.

1. Move to any place on the world’s happiest countries list. That would be Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, the Netherlands.

2. If number one is not feasible, get a pet or pets. They will keep you so busy cleaning up messes you will have no time to brood.

3. Drink wine. It does not have to be expensive. The cheap stuff works, too.

4. Don’t put off seeing friends. Your country as you knew it might be going away, but your true friends remain with their values unchanged.

5. Eat mac and ched with ice cream for dessert. Gourmet food is out, comfort food is in.

6. Get a passport, even if you can’t go anywhere at the moment. You never know when it might be needed.

7. Read books. Good books. Lots and lots of really good books.

8. Don’t forget how to laugh. This is how you will know you are not a Republican. They never laugh anymore.

9. Pray every day that Ruth Bader Ginsburg be made immortal.

10. Throw away your television. It’s hard enough to read the news, let alone see it, too.

11. Make something. Write something. Build something. Play some instrument.

12. Stay positive. We may not be able to save our country, but, hopefully, we can save ourselves and those we love.


3 Comments for this entry

  • everobillard

    Oh, Mary–yes yes yes to all of these!
    I especially agree with
    #3–wine, cheap . . .
    #5 Well, I did have an ice-cream bar for breakfast
    #7 I am reading so many good books these days
    #10 TV toss. I can bear the news, but the commercials are dreadful . . .

  • Elizabeth Levins

    My strategies are quite different than yours, being as I am allergic to most animals. I’d add “hang around with young children” to the list. Wine, for sure, though.

  • everobillard

    I read this last week–love the “spirits” as well as the cookie entries . . . perhaps my responses got lost??? At any rate, Happy New Year! Happy krumkakken!!!