The Suitcase Lady


December 11, 2012, 8:41 pm

We had our first snowstorm of the season this week, and the snowsuit issue was raised once again. Some debacles can never be lived down.

Our son attended a preschool and kindergarten that was run by my best friend. She is an avid believer in getting kids outside in the snow with sleds and toboggans. So when the plows created massive snowy mountains around the edges of the school playground, she always took all the children out for some serious snow fun. This was forty years ago before all forms of kid fun were declared “not safe”.

I, in contrast, am a total snow wimp, despite my Wisconsin upbringing. My idea of enjoying the winter wonderland is to look at it through the window of my heated house with a cup of great coffee in hand.

When I dressed our son for winter, I did my best; a warm winter jacket with hood, yarn mittens, Sears “Toughskin” jeans and boots. I honestly thought he was well equipped.

Then came the end of his three years in the school. All the kids were asked their favorite memories and the teachers filled a wall with the reflections.

When I attended the graduation, I read my son’s words,”I liked playing in the snow the best, but my mother wouldn’t buy me a snowsuit.”

How was I to know that he should have had a waterproof one piece outfit that made him look like a Pillsbury Doughboy?

Our son has spent most of his adult life in San Diego, a place where snowsuits are a non issue. That is probably all my fault. I truly owe him one snowsuit, superfluous or not.

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