The Suitcase Lady


February 5, 2013, 9:47 pm

“We are going to see snow for the very first time!” the little boy said. “We are from India.”

He and his brother were standing behind us in the jetway. We were all in Los Angeles waiting to board a plane to Detroit. The temperature in L.A. was 73 degrees; Detroit was reporting 14 degrees.

“I think you will see snow today,”  I assured them. “Snow is in Detroit’s weather forecast.”

The man ahead of us chimed in. “You’ll get sick of it in an hour.”

Curmudgeons should be ignored, so I asked the boys if they were planning on building a snowman.

“We don’t know how!” they said in unison.

“It’s easy,” I told them as I pantomimed scooping up the snow, packing the snowball and rolling it around.

I also told them about our son’s best snowman who was over five feet tall and built on our deck two inches away from the huge ceiling to floor dining room windows. Snowman’s jolly face looked in at us and he practically became a member of the family until the spring thaw.

Despite the fact that I’m a freezy cat, all around winter wimp and frequent driver on snow packed roads, I hope never to lose my appreciation of a snowfall’s beauty. How fortunate we all are that children remind us of the world’s wonders.

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