The Suitcase Lady


November 22, 2016, 9:10 pm

Several months ago, our daughter ended a long work day at the big box bookstore she manages only to come out and discover her transportation home was missing. Her beloved orange bicycle had been stolen.

Bike and motorcycle thefts are rampant the world over in all kinds of neighborhoods. One and a half million are stolen every year, and only a tiny proportion are recovered.

Fortunately, some creative minds are tackling the problem. Billed as “the bike lock that fights back”, Skunklock has been invented by Daniel Idzkowski and Yves Perrnoud.

An entrepreneur and motorcyclist, Mr. Idzkowski lives in San Francisco. His partner, Yves Perrnoud, is a Swiss born engineer who got fed up with having his bicycle stolen about every sixteen months.

Skunklock is a brilliantly simple invention. When the would-be thief tries to saw through the bike lock, a noxious, pressurized, chemical deterrent is released which makes the thief throw up. Needless to say, a person vomiting and gagging over a bike lock will attract attention.

In addition, the chemicals will ruin whatever the thief is wearing. Since the street value of a stolen bike is only 1/10 the retail price, the thief may end up committing a crime that doesn’t even pay to replace his jacket or Nikes.

The Skunklock is ingeniously designed. A black and white stripe color scheme warns the thief of trouble. Furthermore, the lock uses no electronic parts as they can discharge or be disabled. And finally, the chemical deterrent will not harm bystanders.

The cofounders hope to have Skunklock ready to go by June 2017. They are currently working through liability and shipping issues. Good luck to them. Creating and engineering this product was not easy. The design team skunked themselves during the development process.

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