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June 30, 2009, 11:17 pm

In three years of writing blogs I have failed to address the topic of ice cream. This egregious oversight must be corrected; after all, what is life without ice cream? Ice cream certainly is one of the ten most important contributors to a happy life.

Many years ago a friend made me a poster with a quotation from William Faulkner, “I can’t imagine no tragedy worse than being burnt out on strawberry ice cream.” I concur and always follow the rule, “No ice cream before 5:00PM.” (Vacation time excluded.)

My husband and I once had a spectacular 14 year run of nocturnal ice cream eating. Every Friday for all those years we drove to Leon’s, our local drive-in custard stand, at 11:30PM. Leon’s sensibly stayed open until 1:00AM. Below zero nights did not deter us.

When we approached the window, we didn’t have to order. The employees all knew us and just started scooping two big butter pecan cones and pouring two coffees. No one could possibly make butter pecan, laced with whole salty pecans, better than Leon’s. We would relax in our car, enjoy the cones, sip coffee and watch the lines of people.

Cars arriving with dogs were the best. Leon’s gave free kiddie cones to all dogs visible to the countermen. Cars would pull up with ecstatic, drooling dogs bouncing around the back seats and panting out the windows. These dogs knew what was coming.

For canines and people alike, the joys of ice cream are summed up by this fading sign painted on a barn near our house.


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  • PS(anafter-thought)

    I miss that ice cream place that was north of you on LS, just into Mantiwoc…

  • Mary

    You are talking about our beloved “Big Cow” aka Cedar Crest Dairy. Every child I know in town calls it “The Big Cow”.

  • Judy Farrow Busack

    I grew up on Leon’s Custard in Oshkosh; when I get together with Oshkosh girls and I do once a year. it always comes up in conversatio of memories and should we meet in or near Oshkosh we always stop. Yum.

  • Shana Tooley

    So many of your posts bring smiles to Maryland. John and I are all grins just thinking about your standing Friday night date. I have framed the picture Eat Ice Cream for Daily Happiness for my desk!! What a great reminder to cherish the minute details that make up our day.

  • Alyce

    I enjoyed reading “Scoops”.
    I have always considered myself very fortunate to live in an area where Leons and Kopps are an equal distance from my house.

  • Mary

    If you ever decided to sell your house, that would be the perfect selling point!

  • Naomi

    Thank you so much for your comment! It was great to hear from you. And, what a coincidence: I just ate some ice cream today. :)