The Suitcase Lady


February 13, 2008, 2:34 am

Combining romance and reason is an oxymoron, thus making Valentines Day a celebration of irrationality. Bring it on!

Situated in the middle of a freezing, dreary month, Valentines Day is an explosion of warmth and joy. Standing for a half hour or so perusing a rack of Valentine’s cards is a therapeutic experience. Multiple hues of red and pink cheer the eyes, and the verses range from saccharine to risqué. Even the shape of a Valentine heart is plump, sensuous and satisfying.

The ancient Greeks and Romans didn’t use our heart symbol to represent love… they used an apple. When a guy tossed an apple to a girl it meant “Will you marry me?” If the girl fumbled the catch, it was curtains for that romance.

Fortunately, Valentines Day hasn’t been too corrupted by the consumer glut which overwhelms Christmas and Halloween. There is, after all, a limit on how many heart-shaped boxes of candy one can consume, how much perfume one can spray on and how many lacy undies one can wear.

So it’s time to break out the conversation hearts and tell the “apple of your eye” that your love will never die. Bring on the champagne, flowers and candlelight. How can there possibly be anything nicer than love to celebrate? We might even need another Valentines Day in the middle of March.

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