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July 26, 2016, 9:12 pm

For many of us, summer is the most glorious season of all, a time to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. As summer approaches its zenith, it occurred to me that a “State of the Summer” report would be in order. Being mindful of the present moment is always a good plan.

  • The lake level is up. Beach walks are impossible without waders. This is also the summer of giant waves……..Hokusai would have plenty of  models.
  • Butterfly numbers are markedly down, despite the abundance of butterfly friendly plants in our meadow and prairie.
  • After early summer rains, “Lake Dennis” appeared in the bean field across from our house and drowned all the seedlings. The dried up lake bed remains, surrounded by acres of the luckier green beans. We have had several “rain events” when the lake refills. A flock of geese always finds the replenished lake and happily paddles around.
  • We found three frogs in our entry hall downstairs the other night. Unfortunately, the cats found them first and we could rescue only two.
  • Mom groundhog had three babies, and the family is scavenging under our bird feeders daily. At night, the raccoon families come to dine. All family members both young and old are shaped like furry beach balls.
  • The purple martins returned two weeks behind schedule this spring, but now the yard is filled with swooping, chattering parents delivering lunch to their babies who eagerly poke their heads out of their apartments.
  • The hornet has chosen to construct its nest beside our front door. We are coexisting, but our spiders aren’t happy.
  • Our cup plants have reached record heights and are starting to bloom. For the past two years all the buds were devoured by tiny larvae. A big thank you goes to P.J., our state’s bug expert in Madison, who guided us to an organic pesticide.
  • Gato’s lily has been blooming profusely for two weeks. When our wonderful cat Gato got old, he would sit under his lily every night as we ate dinner on the porch. Before he settled down, he always gently licked the plant’s leaves. Just want Gato to know we are taking good care of his plant.
  • A meandering black bear passed through the bean field a few weeks ago. He ended up on a garage roof in town, was tranquillized and returned to the woods up north. Sometimes stories have happy endings.









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