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August 2, 2011, 8:56 pm

We run a 24 hour diner in our backyard known as the Tooley Cafe. Despite the astronomical rise in price of bird seeds and animal food, we are happy to host a large clientele of furred and feathered guests. However, hospitality has its limits.

Last week my husband woke to one loud chirp in the middle of the night. Since all the windows were open, he thought nothing of it, an insomniac bird, perhaps. He rolled over and drifted back to sleep, noting that our faithful bed cat, Taj, was A.W.O.L.

Morning arrived, and all was normal. The cat was back in our bed, the house was in order and we went about our daily routines. Since the day was a scorcher, the Tooley cats decided to stay downstairs in their cool basement or in our only room with a window air conditioner. At 4:00 PM, Taj choose to leave his air cooled room. He marched into the living room and went directly to our two foot high hand thrown vase, stood up with his paws on the rim and stared inside. Then he walked away to his favorite spot under the couch.

I instinctively knew that I had to look into that vase. Approaching gingerly, I peeked in. A chipmunk was cowering in the bottom.

We put a book over the top of the vase and carried the vase to the car. The vase, the chipmunk and we drove to nearby Fischer Creek Park where we walked into the woods and released our visitor.

We should have marked him with a spot of fluorescent paint. This is one chipmunk who is no longer welcome in the Cafe.

Home Sweet Home???

Home Sweet Home???

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  • evie

    Mary–I am intrigued. But why didn’t the cat do him in? And why is he not welcome? He seems more like a
    victim to me . . . yours in confusion, evie

  • Mary

    I have no idea why Taj didn’t do in the chipmunk. Most of the other cats would have, but they were behind closed doors. Chipmunks do not make good house guests. If you would like to try, I will save the next one for you!

  • Mary Miller

    Mary, I am sorry to say I had to stop feeding my birds entirely this summer due to the overabundance of chipmunks squirrels climbing into my bird feeder.
    My cat, Gracie and I so enjoyed watching the birds but I feared getting chipmunks in my condo or squirrels too.

    Maybe the birdfeeder can come out again with the snow.
    I can relate to your story.