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July 20, 2021, 10:27 am

All the seasons have their beauty, but summer is in a class by itself. Long-awaited, greatly missed and dreamed about, summer never disappoints when it finally comes. Although its arrival marks the beginning of the sun’s slow withdrawal from our hemisphere, most of us are too busy enjoying summer’s pleasures to notice the retreat.

Last week in two separate instances, people said to me, “I can’t believe that summer is half over.” I can’t either; it seems as if the party has just begun.

But now that we have arrived at the midpoint of these glorious days, it’s a good time to take stock of our summer pleasures and vow to indulge fully in the time that remains. Summer is as ephemeral as the butterflies that are fluttering all over our meadow at this moment.

Here are some of our favorite summer things:

Listening to the sounds of purple martins.

It’s high time to smell the flowers!





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  • Peter Little

    The crack of the bat, the cheer from the dugout/crowd…aaaahh, baseball – that eternal Summer showcase! Like so many of Summer’s Pleasures, little has changed from generation’s past. [And let us hope Global warming will not dilute & disturb these things we love so.]

  • Jim Smith

    Beautiful. We must appreciate all that we have been given. Friendships are also more apparent in summer.


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