The Suitcase Lady


June 23, 2020, 12:56 pm

As a graphic designer, I try to keep up with the latest art fads. However, until recently I was clueless about a hot art craze that surfaced in 2017.  How could I have missed avocado art? Perhaps it’s because I’m a Midwesterner, and we are always a bit behind the cutting edge.

Food as art is a long-standing culinary tradition. Think of radish roses, butter sculptures, watermelon baskets and myriad other fruits and veggies turned into dazzling banquet displays. Down through the ages, chefs have ignored their mother’s command, “Don’t play with your food!”

Nevertheless, the humble, squishy avocado, mostly associated with guacamole, seems like an unlikely candidate as an art media. But it, too, becomes a masterpiece in the hands of a culinary wizard, And wait, there’s more. The pits are turned into tiny works of art as well.

These intricately carved avocados (a.k.a. alligator pears) and their pits are a delight.

This all goes to prove that there is no excuse for ever being bored. And if you are a bit art challenged, don’t worry. You can always make avocado buttons.



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