The Suitcase Lady


May 27, 2014, 9:47 pm

“I think we are in trouble menu-wise,” I said to my husband at the end of a recent week. I had just returned home from the Milwaukee Art Museum where I had unsuccessfully attempted to have a light lunch after doing a school tour.

The posted menu had many meaty items including a featured entree of pork belly. I don’t want to impose my almost vegetarian eating style on others, but I do appreciate a few non beast entrees on a menu.

That entire week had been an eye opener. I had stopped at a charming coffee shop in Madison to get a drink and snack before my long drive home. Cold pork and quinoa salad was the lunch special. Pulled pork loomed large on the following day’s noon menu. By Friday I was convinced that a menu without three pork concoctions was considered declasse.

My hunch was confirmed when we were out of the state the following week. We stopped in a delightful looking restaurant named Prep and Pastry for breakfast. The limited breakfast menu featured two pork belly items; a breakfast sandwich with pork belly, cheese and eggs and a pork belly biscuit. We ordered eggs and toast, but wanted to try a pastry; after all, this establishment had the word “pastry” in its name. My husband went to the pastry trays to select one for us. He came back with no pastry and a troubled look on his face.

“The one I picked out turned out to be a bacon croissant,” he explained, “so I decided to pass.”

What can I say except that piggy menu items are very, very trendy now. And if I were a pig, I would be running for the hills.