The Suitcase Lady


December 5, 2007, 12:42 am

My neighbor the next road over got a free peacock, or more correctly, a free peahen. She did not win this bird in some oddball raffle or sweepstakes. The peahen just walked into our neighbor’s yard and decided to stay. Maybe this bird was just tired of looking at some guy’s big tail.

The peacock joined the chicken which arrived three years earlier in a similar fashion; i.e., out of the blue.

No one in our neighborhood has reported any missing peacocks. And no signs have appeared on telephone poles with a fetching photo and the words, “MISSING, our beloved peacock, Persephone. Reward.”

Maybe our homes have giant, invisible animal magnets. My neighbor’s house has an avian magnet; ours is decidedly feline.

Peacocks are native to India, a place with a much toastier climate than here in Wisconsin. Our winter is setting in. Another neighbor has offered the peacock and chicken heated quarters for the winter. The trick will be luring them in. After all, they are birdbrains.

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