The Suitcase Lady


December 28, 2010, 6:26 pm

The word “peace” is currently in season. But three more words should also be considered: positive, passive and pushover.

Over half of the Christmas cards I’ve received make mention of peace. I have not attempted to count the number of times the phrase “Peace on Earth” has jumped out of the December environment. It’s lighted up on houses, screaming from billboards and proclaimed in bold type in newspapers and magazines. For the moment, peace is in style.

Herein, I believe, is the problem. Peace is not in fashion the remaining eleven months of the year. Those of us who wish peace to be a constant presence  are regarded as sweet and ineffectual relics from the 1960’s. We are viewed as passive  pushovers who are  somewhat lacking in gray matter.

The current stylish methods of operation appear to be bullying, hate-mongering and negativity toward any effort for the common good.

I believe that peace making is not passive. A commitment to peace is a positive action. The most dynamic people I know are in the peace movement, and I consider myself lucky to know them.

Peace also involves hard work every day. It begins inside each of us and works out… our homes, neighborhoods, communities and the larger world.

As a graphic designer, I’ve illustrated scores of Christmas cards. My favorite had the message,”Peace is not a season, it is a way of life.” I would love to meet the folks who bought that card. I’m guessing many are engaged and caring individuals. And I bet very few of them sport tie dyed shirts and dangling peace medallions.

May we all find peace every month of the New Year.

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