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January 9, 2018, 10:40 pm

I have come to the reluctant conclusion that I have to pack. Not a gun. Food.

When going on a road trip in America, almost no semblance of good tasting, well-prepared and nutritious food exists anywhere near a freeway or in small, rural towns. I have noted for a long time that the roadside food scene was getting increasingly dire and that Fred Harvey needs to be brought back from the dead. Since my husband and I have just driven from Wisconsin to San Diego, my suspicions have been confirmed.

The first night’s stop on our road trip was Normal, Illinois. The food options in the vicinity of our hotel exemplified the American norm and could be broken into four categories; pizzas, Tex Mex, subs and fast food. The largest eatery was a giant emporium devoted entirely to hot dogs. Grease, salt and astronomical calorie counts reign in our roadside food establishments. Fortunately, we had brought a picnic dinner from home.

High quality restaurant food does exist in America, but it requires work to find and, in many cases, a bucket of money. Before starting out on a trip, a bit of computer research is helpful in locating unique, affordable and satisfying dining experiences. And there’s a side benefit to doing this homework…. unique, slow food restaurants are often found in interesting big city neighborhoods which are fun to explore.

And don’t forget to pack some bagels. They are the perfect road trip snack; filling, tasty and completely crumbless. Even a two year old would have a hard time producing crumbs from a bagel.

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