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September 13, 2016, 9:47 pm

No matter how it is spelled, omelette or omelet, this egg concoction is one of our favorite meals. At our house, omelettes are a dinner entree along with a green salad, good bread and wine.

The other day, I was served a wonderful omelette at a friend’s house. Their cooking technique varied from mine which triggered my curiosity on omelette making techniques. Omelette research followed via You Tube and cookbooks.

The results of my research can be summarized succinctly…..there are multiple correct ways to create this dish.

I never had an omelette as a child even though both of my parents cooked well and loved eggs. They preferred their eggs soft boiled and served in egg cups or fried.

My love and appreciation for omelettes can be traced to Madame Romaine de Lyon. For many years, she ran an omelette only restaurant in a Manhattan townhouse. 500 omelette variations were on her menu, and, for many years, she was the sole omelette maker. I had a memorable meal in her tiny bistro and began making omelettes when I returned home. I also bought her cookbook which is part biography despite its title, The Art of Cooking Omelettes. Published in 1963, it is still available.

My favorite tutorial on omelette making is from Julia Child. In her unique way she inspires confidence as she dispenses knowledge. Her key points are: the proper pan, no more than three eggs, butter, high heat, short cooking time and correct shaking technique.

Julia uses dried beans in the pan to demonstrate the shaking technique. Only the incomparable Mrs. Child could dream this up. Watch her in action here.

Bon Appetite!


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