The Suitcase Lady


January 6, 2015, 7:40 pm

A friend recently told us a story that begged to be shared. It is a cookie story.

Last month at our friend’s workplace, everyone was bringing delicious homemade cookies to share; treats made with real butter, eggs, vanilla, nuts and other natural ingredients.

When one of our friend’s coworkers was offered a homemade cookie, the young lady declined stating, “I’m a vegan, I can’t eat that stuff. But it’s O.K.”, she added, “I can always eat Oreos, they don’t have any animal products.”

Needless to say, our friend, a lover of delicious and nutritious foods, was flabbergasted.

This small story may explain why America is in serious decline. We have lost our minds. Someone needs to get a Michael Pollen book to the Oreo eater post haste.

Because I do make an effort to be open minded, I did check out the supposed virtue of the Vegan’s “ethical” cookie. The main ingredient is sugar. The sugar is supplemented by high fructose corn syrup for added sweetness. Palm or canola oil and a handful of other artificial ingredients are tossed in the mix.

My conclusion? No animal is harmed by an Oreo, except the animal eating the cookie.


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