The Suitcase Lady


June 9, 2015, 10:50 pm

Garden centers are dangerous places. Put me in a shoe store, jewelry store or art gallery, and I have sales resistance. Nurseries, however, are gardens of temptation. Those plants sing siren songs to me.

Who doesn’t want their yard to look like a photo shoot from Sunset Magazine? The fact that I know I’m a bad gardener is absolutely no deterrent. Garden centers exude hope from every leaf and bloom, and I’m buying in….literally.

That cute little wagon they let you borrow doesn’t help matters either. It’s fun to pull it up and down the damp paths through rows of lush plants. Naturally, it looks better filled with flowers.

Nurseries are epicenters of instant gratification. Someone else has guided these plants through the birth, baby and teen years. The racks of seed packets at my local Fleet Farm can’t possibly compete. I know those seeds won’t turn out to look like the pictures on their packages. And I will wait a long time for them to sprout and go spindly.

So off to the garden center we go. My husband is as much of a plant junkie as I am. We quickly fill the coaster wagon with hopes and dreams of Eden. The only saving factor is our cars. They are both pint sized. Sheer space limits our flower frenzy.


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  • Terri Delke on Facebook

    Nurseries/ garden centers are like book stores—dangerous to the pocketbook and to the time to follow through.

  • Karen Little on Facebook

    Having seen your yard in Milwaukee, I’d say that you guys are excellent landscapers! And you are right — I can’t have a garden (and because we travel, don’t want to hire a plant sitter for our front porch) damp sod is an aphrodisiac. OK, so is Home Depot and Staples, but I digress . . .

  • Carolyn

    I not only understand but think we may be related. I have been known to shoot my budget on siren flowers that mope and languish and snobbishly evaluate where I want them to live. But I still don’t learn.

  • Mary

    Carolyn….I love your choice of words. Those plants do evaluate the situation and the snobbish ones don’t choose to stay around. My sweet potato vine is drooping and saying “Really?”

  • Evie Robillard on Facebook

    Well, at least it’s not tomato plants. Or zucchini.