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February 17, 2015, 10:12 pm

nineMy ninth year of weekly Suitcase Lady blogs begins this week. I began the blog in 2007 when America was mired in the Iraq War, the economy was collapsing and mass shootings were in the headlines.

These horrible events were becoming the predominant topics of conversation whenever I met with family and friends. To keep a sense of balance, I felt a strong need to purposefully focus on the happier aspects of my personal life and the small sphere in which I spend my days. The author, Phyllis Theroux, states this impulse perfectly in her new book, The Journal Keeper. She writes, “I learned not to immortalize the darkness….what I needed was a place in which to collect the light.”

I decided to write a blog for friends, family and anyone needing a small break from the daily headlines. The blog would be about a one minute read: I know people’s time is precious. And since our lives are weighed down by current events, I wanted my topics to be antidotes to the news. I need to believe that we can create joy in the small theater of our lives even as the storms rage around us.

To celebrate nine years, I’m going to borrow an idea from Jon Talton who marked his blog’s anniversary by reposting his favorite blogs through the years. My husband (and technical partner in the blog) recently surprised me by gathering all 417 posts in a book. Ironically, I selected the following eight postings the old fashioned way, by leafing through the pages. And, of course, I just broke my one minute rule. Click links for time travel…

2007 – Islands
2008 – Duck
2009 – Sex
2010 – Frances
2011 – Directions
2012 – Childhood
2013 – Snowman
2014 – Piggy


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