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April 25, 2017, 9:25 pm

My husband and I have been watching a large McMansion being built a few miles down the road from us on the way to the city where we shop. We’ve both enjoyed seeing this large structure rise from the hill it is situated on; framed, roofed, insulated, glazed. It was nearing completion a few weeks ago andi made an imposing new landmark, like a castle situated on a hill.

Imagine my amazement when we sat down to dinner last week and my husband said, “I feel like I’m going crazy, but when I went into the city today, the new house is gone. I drove down the road twice, but it has vanished.”

Since neither of us believe in the paranormal, we both did computer searches to see if any of the local news outlets reported any large fire or unusual demolition. Not a word was found about this enormous, prominent, never-occupied house that went A.W.O.L.

We live in a rural area and my husband is the zoning administrator.  When a contractor came to our house for a building permit yesterday, he was also speculating on why a brand new house in the next township had disappeared. Understandably, this occurrence is being noticed.

We both went into overdrive to solve the mystery. I speculated that the unreported disappearance might have something to do with its location next to Whistling Straits, one of America’s most prestigious golf courses where a round of golf starts at $410. Whistling Straits is a part of The Kohler Co. Hospitality and Real Estate Group. That is the same Kohler name that appears in bathrooms world wide.

We also are starting to hear the rumors flying around our town. None are substantiated, of course. Word is, the elite golfers shouldn’t have their bucolic views of the lakeshore and faux Scottish golf greens marred by someone’s prominent new estate, and the right amount of money was offered to get the view back. Another rumor is that the house had to go as it made a great observation tower of happenings on the links.

If the gossip turns out to be true, I may be inclined to believe that old cliche that the rich really are different from the rest of us.

The little hill that lost its house

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