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October 22, 2019, 8:53 pm

I recently found a hilarious news item in the Iceland Review. Why, you might wonder, am I reading the Iceland Review? That answer is easy…I have no idea. It just popped up on my Facebook feed one day. Since American news is so dismal these days, I decided to keep reading the happier news from this extremely sane and civilized country.

Nurse Gudrun Kristinsdóttir made news with a little mistake. She accidentally invited 100,000 people, one-third of Iceland’s population, to her sewing club meeting. Instead of hitting her sewing circle’s Facebook site, she hit the huge Iceland FB group “Gefins alt gefins” which translates to “Free, Everything for Free”.

She quickly realized her massive error, but as we all know, sent means sent. She then put out this post: “OK, so I messaged the wrong group, but how about we go through with it anyway? How does Arnarholl (a large public gathering place in Reykjavik) next Friday sound? My kids are saying this is the most motherly thing I have ever done.”

Kristinsdóttir‘s sewing circle, which has been in existence for 30 years and is all made up of nurses,  loved her idea. The nurses all studied together and are, apparently, a tight knit group.

The members of “Free, Everything Free” loved her suggestion as well. Some have volunteered to cater the giant event and others have offered to book musicians. 2,000 people have liked her post and 1,000 have commented.

The date has been set for November 2 between 14 and 17 ( 2:00 to 5:00 PM). So, if you love to sew, there is still time to buy a ticket to Reykjavík and crash the party. Iceland is a country that is very easy to love.

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