The Suitcase Lady


November 30, 2010, 8:43 pm

Last week was a mess. At times we didn’t know which mess to tackle first.

I don’t understand how two people who value calm, ordered and beautiful surroundings ended up running a shelter for homeless cats, but we do.

On Monday, Neko started the wreckage ball rolling by marking his territory. As we were running for buckets and sprays, his brother, the infamous Gato, hopped up on the abandoned breakfast table and knocked over a full travel mug of coffee. Coffee and cream were running down the walls and rapidly soaking into the kitchen carpeting.

Since our one scrub bucket was already in use, I grabbed a new roll of paper towels to start blotting. Buying stock in a paper towel company might be a wise move for us.

After my husband had the first mess under control, he appeared in the kitchen with the handiest cleaning device ever invented, the shop·vac. This is a wondrous machine as it likes to lap up liquids. Anything a cat can throw out, it can suck up. A prim and proper Hoover would short circuit under that type of stress.

The week proceeded with missed litter boxes, multiple fur balls and a dismembered mouse. Batman dumped a bouquet, and mom cat had three nose bleeds. By Friday we considered sending all the cats for a getaway weekend at a pet hotel.

A small woodcarving of Saint Francis by a folk artist in Cordova, New Mexico, adorns a window sill in our house. The good saint frequently is invoked for patience.

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