The Suitcase Lady


January 12, 2021, 3:50 pm

Fads are nonsensical, unpredictable and fun. I love trying to spot the beginnings of these silly infatuations. And I particularly enjoy fads involving animals.Down through the years, Americans have been smitten by “Lassie” dogs, poodles, singing chipmunks, macrame owls, howling coyotes, dolphins, hedgehogs, rainbow unicorns and dog breeds that end with “doodle”.

You might wonder what’s next?

This past Christmas featured two animal fads. I knew something was up when one of our neighbors placed a giant internally lighted llama on her front lawn as a Christmas decoration. Then a llama Christmas card arrived in our mailbox, followed by catalogs loaded with llama themed gifts.

Fortunately, I did not receive any nightshirts saying “No Drama Llama”, “Ask me about my llama” or “Fa la la la llama”.

Squirrels were runner-ups to the llamas in the catalogs. My favorite items here were the squirrels going crazy car sunscreen and a metal sign proclaiming “CAUTION! Area protected by ATTACK SQUIRREL COMPANY”.

I did not need or want any of these items. But I laughed a lot, and that is a gift in itself. Plus, I expect to have fun spotting llama and squirrel stuff for several more months….until the next fad arrives.



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