The Suitcase Lady


December 6, 2016, 9:25 pm

For those of us in northern climes, the sun (if it has not been hiding under clouds all day) makes its exit now at 4:15, leaving us with 15 hours of darkness. Winter tests our spirits. We all crave light.

I recently read about an amazing art event that epitomizes our universal desire to light up the darkness at this black, cold time of year. In December and January, the city of Amsterdam hosts a Light Festival. Note that these are not Christmas lights but rather a spectacular art event that showcases the most innovative, state of the art, breathtaking and spirit lifting art pieces made from light. The art is installed on two routes, is free to view and encompasses the entire central city. Hundreds of thousands of people come together and turn their faces toward the light.

All the art is designed to interact with the urban environment whether it is installed on the water route or the walking route. And all can be seen by walking since sidewalks line the canals. However, boat tours of the light extravaganza are especially popular.

This year 2,000 artists from all over the world submitted entries. One of the most spectacular installations is a gigantic piece of Dutch “lace” in the shape of a traditional Dutch bonnet. In a delightful irony, it was designed by artists from Massachusetts.

Since we cannot all hop on a plane to the Netherlands, I have found the following pictures and video from this festival which aims to make, “the darkness more bearable”. Bravo to all the artists, architects, scientists, technicians and workers who took on the gloom and prevailed.


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