The Suitcase Lady


November 24, 2009, 10:39 pm

There will be no knife problem this year. We are celebrating Thanksgiving in California with our son who undoubtedly has a carving knife in his kitchen drawer.

When we host the meal, our daughter always brings the knife. It is long, sharp and scary. Not being red meat eaters, my husband and I can’t justify owning a carving knife that would only be used once a year to dismantle a turkey. We’ve tried carving the bird with a paring knife with poor results.

I love to cook a feast for family and friends. Thanksgiving, however, does offer some unique challenges. I’m not comfortable around a big, dead, bluish-tinged bird. I should probably let the cats prepare the bird, giving me more time to fuss over the pies and side dishes.

Through the years, I’ve worked out a deal with the turkey. I leave most of him at Piggly Wiggly and just bring home the breast. Armed with a large roasting bag, a bottle of mustard marinade and a quarter pound of butter, I wash the bird and gingerly jam it into the bag with the above ingredients, plus one tablespoon of flour. Six slits in the top of the bag guard against explosions.

Once the bird is safely in the oven, the fun can begin. Corn souffle, Waldorf salad, mashed potatoes, cranberry relish and pumpkin and pecan pies are a pleasure to concoct.

If it weren’t for my belief that traditions define us, I would skip the turkey. My vegetarian granddaughter surely would approve.

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  • Jen

    Happy Turkey Day! I will enjoy my turkey and I will be using the recently sharpened knife. And you are right; Ivy is more than happy to skip the bird. Love you!