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October 28, 2008, 10:25 pm

My husband is a dexterous juggler, and he has Halloween to thank for this delightful skill.

Shortly after we were married, I received an invitation to a Halloween costume party. This was not the type of party where a ghost costume fashioned from an old sheet or a witch hat and broom would suffice. The hundred or so guests were all artists and writers. Imagination and creativity would be running rampant. In other words, the pressure was on.
Since I regard even everyday clothes as costumes, I was in my element. My husband, however, was mortified. This is a man who regards sunblock, hand lotion and even first aid cream as disgusting slime. Dressing up as a giant Twinkie, Cyclops or a three headed dragon was unthinkable to him.
I hesitantly inquired, “What are you going to be?”
“A juggler,” was the reply.
“But”, I noted, “you don’t know how to juggle.”
To which he said, “I will.”
And he did. No grease paint or bizarre costume was necessary. He wore a black turtleneck and slacks. Ironically, I have absolutely no recollection of what I wore to that soiree.

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