The Suitcase Lady


March 17, 2020, 10:00 pm

I have been very lucky in my career choice. At age seventeen, I got my first art job. I had about one hundred kids every day in a summer art program. By August, I knew I would love being an art teacher. And now, fifty-nine years later, I am still doing art classes for children… and I can’t think of a happier thing to do.

Children are natural artists and do not need Pinterest directives to be creative. The teacher is merely the catalyst for introducing new topics and challenges, materials and tools. The world as seen through young people’s fresh eyes is filled with delight.

To celebrate Youth Art Month, I’ve put together a small sampling of artwork from the kids I have worked with in schools and libraries throughout my home state of Wisconsin this past year. May their happy, vibrant and unique creations bring a bit of joy to your eyes and heart. We could all use some of that now. (Click here or the picture below for viewing the artwork.)

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  • Steve

    You’ve brought so much joy to a staggering number of young artists! What a gift to the world ❤️

  • Joan

    What a gift to children and grownups especially now. Little ones in my neighborhood are outside busily making art. It is fun to watch from my yard. I will donate some supplies to spur them on. I will also send your blog to the Dad in charge. It will give them all some more ideas! Love you. JW

  • eve robillard

    yes–much joy, indeed. keep up the fine work, Mary. the world needs you!